About me: Miles!

Hey there, you can call me Miles. I'm a 24 year old queer autistic guy with a ridiculous fondness for the Jak and Daxter games.

The Jak and Daxter series is a special interest of mine, and has been for several years now. (Not sure what a special interest is? Click here.) [Note: link not working. Fix this, Miles!]

I first played some of the games as a child, and had the amazing luck of rediscovering them a few years ago when I was at one of the lowest points in my life. Honestly, they kind of saved me, so I thought it would make sense to dedicate my first Neocities website to something so important to me, especially since the Jak and Daxter fandom is pretty small, and the games are underappreciated in general.

I enjoy coding a lot, even though I don't have much experience yet, but one day I'm going to be a web developer/software enginner, and I'm working on teaching myself.

My other interests include Sonic the Hedgehog, Death Note, Studio Ghibli (especially Howl's Moving Castle), the history of medicine (Victorian medicine in particular), deep sea creatures, and Ancient Greek/Roman history (and history in general). My native language is English, but I speak basic German, plan on learning another language at some point (Italian?), and I've also studied Latin and Ancient Greek. I used to play the piano as a teenager, and I have an electric guitar than I'm teaching myself to play.